Vinh Danh Học Viên Giỏi Nhất Tháng 06/2016- Cơ Sở Yangco

Seo Jung Woo (JUNG), TALK Academy

What do you think about the word “strive”? As for me, it is my favorite word. And I use it in my sentences when I tell teachers a promise such as “I will strive to practice English along with the method you offered me.

Also, I love the word “industry”. Because when I was young, my grandfather emphasized that we must be industrious. For that reason, I think that although I can’t improve my skills for four months, I will do my best to study and to improve my English skill honestly. Then, in the beginning of my stay here in the Philippines, I decided to get industrious. And I think I have followed my decision well ‘til now.

These days I sometimes reminisce about when I started. When I first came to this academy, most teachers said “do you have some disease such as tremble or anxiousness?” and “don’t be nervous”. Actually that situation was my first experience with foreigners. At that time my whole body and even voice trembled with tension. But with the help of my teachers and other students I think I was able to surpass my fear about foreigners. Now, it doesn’t matter to me anymore because I feel that I already improved a lot and I think I will not tremble anymore in front of foreigners.

Although I achieve this growth, taking all things into consideration I am not a suitable person to receive this award because I think all students can be the best student in their own unique ways. Also I have seen many students who strive so hard to achieve their goals, so this award is not only for me but also for all the students.

Finally, I want to tell my teachers that I really appreciate their help. Whenever I asked the pieces of advice about improving my English skill, they always encouraged me to do well with smile and with confidence. Thank you also to all the people who in one way or another contributed to this award. Thank you so much